About Warehouse Furniture
The furniture industry, like any other business demands that you 'Seek and Find' good products.

We don't use the word "unique" lightly, and it applies not only to the store itself, but also to founder and owner Marshall "Ace" Collins - who has been in the furniture business more than 5 decades. Ace has always said that the furniture industry demands that you "seek and find" good products. As such, he aproaches the aquisition of furniture in an unusual way compared to the typical furniture stores.

Most furniture stores carry a broad range of products from a small number of manufacturers. While this approach takes less time and effort from the purchasing department staff, it results in inferior products being bought just to fill out manufacturer lines. At Warehouse Furniture, however, Ace has the experience to know that no manufacturer's product lines are exceptionally strong in quality, price, and engineering across the board. Instead, each has a limited number of pieces that represents the focus of thier company's priorities. After that, they tend to fill out their product lines with other pieces that make their primary products easier to sell.
Rather than putting his store in the position of being "held captive" by a small number of manufacturers, Ace has determined that many times financially strong independant companies that are unburdened by high corporate overhead are the absolute best source of quality products at good competitive prices. Because of the lack of name recognition, such companies are forced to put together superior products in order to gain market share. This is why Warehouse Furniture deals with more than 65 different manufacturers and is constantly in search of even more quality lines from a variety of manufacturers from around the world.

But having the products our customers need and want is only half of the battle. We know that it is a competitive marketplace and making the furniture shopping experience pleasant and easy for our customers is an important part of the process. Often times its the little things like offering exxpert advice to the customer during their buying process. At most furniture stores, the sales reps will try to push whatever products have the most markup on them so they can earn a fat commission check. Not so at Warehouse Furniture!

We know that every happy customer has lots of friends and family, and that there is no more effective advertising than a positive past experience. So, we focus on listening to our customer's needs intently and using our decades of experience to guide them to the product that best fits thier desires.
We also have some very customer friendly policies that are rare in this day an age. In many cases we offer free delivery and setup of your furniture orders. With gas prices the way they are, this can really be a big help. In addition, many customers need help getting financed for the furniture they need. At Warehouse Furniture, we offer quick and easy financing to our customers, often without any kind of credit check. So, come on by and let us help you find your next new furniture selection.

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